I recently posted this on social media:

“This might not seem like a big deal, but I just dropped off Caleb at Raging Waters, for him to spend the afternoon having a blast with friends from church . . . notice I said DROPPED OFF . . . he wasn’t nervous or anxious just completely excited, and he had a blast! This was a huge, smaller milestone for a non-typical teen!”

Some of the comments I received from other parents on this post got me thinking, and as I reflect, I believe these three truths to be important:

1. First, celebrating the small wins is just as important as celebrating the big ones!

2. Second, while the big watershed achievements don’t change, most kids have very different smaller victories and at different ages, too.

3. And last but maybe most important, parenting with a community of other like- minded believers creates the village everyone talks about. It also gives precious opportunities for our kids to grow in community and to keep learning to share, show kindness, and ask and give forgiveness.

Steve and I feel so blessed to have Church of the Open Door as our church family as we journey through parenting.

Deb Clune
Women’s Ministry Coordinator

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