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Beginning in Grace

Six basic truths for every Seeker

Growing in Grace

Six basic lessons for every Disciple

Serving in Grace

Six basic lessons for every Servant-Leader

Leaders Guide

Beginning in Grace Leaders Guide

Open Homes

The power of an Open Home

Open Homes International

The power of an Open Home

Reading List

Choosing Hope in the Midst of Faith-Shattering Circumstances

“When God Breaks Your Heart” by Ed Underwood

Every sufferer looks longingly to Christ and secretly asks, How could you let this happen? My friend Ed Underwood asked that question openly from his deathbed.
Reviving Our Radical Pursuit of Jesus

“Reborn to be Wild”by Ed Underwood

A long-time pastor ponders why the Jesus Movement stopped moving…and challenges all generations of believers to the radical commitment that fuels revival.
A Tale about Discovering God's Will

“The Trail” by Ed Underwood

After meeting Sam Lewis in the stunning High Sierras, the three hike together, Matt and Brenda learn that God’s good and perfect will is not a destination on the horizon of life where everything makes sense, but a place where your life is exposed to God’s power.
The Journey from a Black-hole of Self-pity to the Bright Hope of God's Loyal Love

“Blindside and Betrayed” by Judy Cocoris

The wife of a once-prominent pastor shares her story of crushing betrayal and her grace-filled journey to recovery.
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