The Principal Project

For several years we have been praying this prayer together as a church: Father, please retire the Worship Center mortgage by 2025. The Lord answered our prayers through your gifts to the Principal Project!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers! Thank you for your gifts – large and small – that were a part of this exciting move of the Spirit among us!
Principal Project 100%

On March 19, 2023, we as a congregation came together to celebrate “God’s Faithfulness to All Generations”.

This day was set apart to remember what the Lord had done in retiring our worship center mortgage. After fervently praying for 5 years to retire this debt, the Lord had answered our prayers! This video commemorates the beginning of the building, but also what the Lord did through those years and continues to do through Church of the Open Door. 

The Unfolding

Principal Project Story

This initiative was inspired by the Women of Grace Class. Their small way of contributing to our long time prayer of retiring the Worship Center mortgage was to hold bake sales. They held the first bake sale summer of 2017. It was so well done, delicious and raised awareness. They created a sign that read: Let’s pay down the mortgage one cookie at a time.

Summer 2017

One of our 2018 Breakthrough Prayers became – Lord, please retire the Worship Center mortgage by 2025. Generous COD people continued to give specifically and regularly toward the reduction of our principal. The Women of Grace ladies kept on planning and holding quarterly bake sales, each one bringing in more money than the last.

January 2018

Inspired by the faith of these ladies, a family in the church determined to give $10,000/month towards The Principal Project in 2018. Additionally, they also promised a Matching Gift – they offered to match any donation to The Principal Project up to $200,000 for 2018.

April 2018

The Lord is working quietly and regularly in the hearts of COD people . . . one lady shared the story of having work done on her house by a COD member. When she asked what the cost of the work was, he said not to give it to him, but rather to give that amount to COD towards The Principal Project.

Spring 2018

When a family in the church tragically lost their son, they asked that instead of flowers, people donate to The Principal Project in their son’s honor.

May 2018

A man who helped COD sort through and “ebay” a number of items stored on campus donated his profit from the work to The Principal Project.

June 2018

A COD member held a book sale. She sold a number of books she had used for homeschooling over the years, and designated the earnings to The Principal Project.

July 2018

A lady in our church who has written a book about God’s faithfulness throughout trials in her life is selling copies of her book and giving the proceeds to this project.

August 2018

Two COD families who run a printing business donated a batch of t-shirts sporting our new COD logo. These shirts are being sold on Sunday mornings, and the proceeds are being matched as part of The Principal Project.

September 2018

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