He is Risen!

He is Risen!
Pastor David Anderson
Luke 24:13-35

Jesus knows you better than you know yourself. He knows everything and it has not and will not scare Him off. Jesus keeps showing up. Why? Because Jesus (in His own words) didn’t come to save the strong. He came to save the sick and the weak. We are powerless to heal our sin and heal our lives. Jesus came to save us from a life of trying and failing. He has come to rescue us through faith alone in Him alone.

The Unexpected Jesus

The Unexpected Jesus
Pastor David Anderson
Luke 19:28-44

The more I think about Palm Sunday and the national expectation of Messiah, the more I realize I am no different from all of those with expectations who surrounded Jesus coming into Jerusalem during Passover. From the beginning of time, the people of God have always been convinced of how their lives should look. From the beginning of time, we have had great expectations of grandeur, power and glory. We believe that it is God’s job to underwrite our personal aspirations and expectations.

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