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Introducing Luke

As we journey through Luke together, be looking for how this book answers the questions of weary and persecuted disciples of Jesus: Is Jesus really the center of God’s plan? What part do I play in that plan? Who else is invited into this plan? – Pastor David Anderson


The purpose of Luke is to give an orderly account of Jesus’ loving and powerful march to the cross as He breaks in, defeats sin and Satan, and liberates the captives.


In Matthew Jesus is the rightful King of Israel. In Mark He is the Suffering Servant. But in Luke, Jesus is the authoritative and powerful Son of Man. Israel’s story has reached a climax and fulfillment in Jesus. Luke explains that it is Jesus, the Son of Man, who will be the center of God’s plan to gather the nations, and Jesus welcomes all sorts of unexpected characters – prostitutes, tax collectors, the disabled, Samaritans and people from all the nations.

  • Luke 1-2 – Introduction of John the Baptist & Jesus
  • Luke 3-4:13 – Jesus anointed as Messiah
  • Luke 4:14-9:50 – Demonstrations of miraculous power & Jesus teaching in Galilee
  • Luke 9:51-19:44 – Jewish rejection & true discipleship
  • Luke 19:45-24:53 – Jesus’ death, resurrection & empowerment of the disciples

3 Ways to Engage with Luke

We are studying the Gospel of Luke this year because you and I need to be reminded Who our anchor is and the mission He has called us into at such a time as this. As we begin this study, here are 3 ways I encourage you to engage.

Service Opportunities

Breakthrough Prayer #1:
Father, pour out your Spirit on us and move us to serve those in need.

Find tangible ways to serve our local community.

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