A Call to Worship: Which Mountain? (Part 5)

A Call to Worship: Which Mountain? (Part 5)
Pastor David Anderson
Hebrews 12:18-24

If the Law’s purpose wasn’t to give life, what was its purpose? The Law’s job was to expose our sin and confine us so that we would cry out for a Savior (Gal. 3:19-22). The Law, the sacrifices, and the high priests were always prototypes, shadows, always moving us towards the final sacrifice of Christ. They were able to put sins off, but never paid them off. Mt. Sinai is in the desert in a very desolate place and the end was not Sinai and darkness and gloom. The purpose of Mt. Sinai was to get us to another mountain.

Without This, Missions is Impossible

Without This, Missions is Impossible
Pastor Ed Underwood
Hebrews 11:1-7

First Century Jews viewed history as the story of the God of Israel working through the heroes of the Old Testament to move His plan forward. Now the writer tells them why these heroes were great. It wasn’t their ancestry or their performance. Behind every act that God commends is a heart of faith. It’s a list that would surprise and maybe even embarrass these Jewish Christians. But it’s a list of those who lived great lives from God’s perspective because they believed what He said, even when they couldn’t see it.

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