From Suffering to Tenderness

From Suffering to Tenderness

God promises comfort to His people who are suffering for Him and the gospel. This comfort is described as overflowing, more than enough. It is not the removal of pain and sorrow or necessarily deliverance from these circumstances, but is care in the midst of these circumstances. The church community is often the means through which God imparts this consolation to us. We can lean into the Body of Christ with our suffering to be loved, accepted and embraced. Deep pain can bring deep intimacy.

Of First Importance

The Apostle Paul says there is one thing that deserves the title of first importance and preeminence. Even in the uncertainty of this year, there is one thing that is so earth-shaking and glorious, it must be allowed to occupy the center of our existence. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 declares what must be of first importance.

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