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There is a long history of building into lives as fellow believers that has energized the ministry and mission of COD. We offer a number of ways for adults to connect, grow and be involved: weekly small groups (HUB groups) in homes, discipleship opportunities, and various Bible classes on Sunday mornings.

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HUB Groups

These are mini-communities that meet in the homes across the San Gabriel Valley throughout the week. The love and grace of God are meant to be experienced in community, and at COD we seek to live that out with each other. This leads to deep, redemptive, authentic relationships that help us not only learn of God’s love and care, but to see it in real life. For most of us this begins in our small group environment, HUB groups. From our experience, it’s the best way to settle into our faith family.
from Matt Ketterling


How do we do small groups/discipleship during Covid? Is there a way for us to be close spiritually and emotionally but distanced physically? It is possible for us to be creative and responsible in how we meet - whether meeting outside in person or using technology to connect online - there are ways we can grow together in Christ during the height of the pandemic. Whatever shape our new normal takes, it must include a place where small groups of disciples of Jesus share the truth of the gospel and share our lives with one another.

There is a scientific way to describe how the transmission of Covid 19 happens. There is a theological way, on the other hand, to describe how spiritual growth happens. It’s a challenge to bring them together. It is our unique challenge and I think we will rise to it.

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Essentials of the Faith

This class meets at 9:30am for 50 minutes on Sunday morning. The format of the class is “discussion”, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Class facilitator Brian Booth guides the discussion using a Navigator’s workbook. About 20 people attend and the class meets from September through June. Visitors welcome!

Friendship Class (Hillside)

Join this 9:15am class designed with senior adults in mind. It’s taught by Dan Waldron and facilitated by Jim Davis. This class starts with two or three hymns from one of the two downtown hymnals. Then they enjoy a Bible lesson, a report on missionary needs and activities, and end with a time of prayer.

Women’s Bible Class (U62)

Join Judy Cocoris at 9:30am as she teaches this class for women. They focus on studying books of the Bible, although they get into topical studies along the way. There is always lively discussion, and (for energy for all of this!) they start off with donuts and coffee. Women of all ages are welcomed!

Women of Grace (U30)

While this class is especially for women who come to church alone for whatever reason, it is our desire that any lady at COD would feel welcome to join us to invest time and effort in a group that studies the Word and experiences deep fellowship with one another. Led by a team of ladies at 9:30am.

Spanish Ministry (H20)

Join with others who enjoy having fellowship in Spanish! This class meets at 9:30am on Sunday mornings, and enjoys connecting with each other around food and Bible study.


This group meets at 9:30am to provide support and care for each other as they navigate relationships with adult children and other realities unique to midlife.

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