This is Ginny Carter, aka Grandma Ginny. I am a member of Church of the Open Door and lead a Sunday morning class for women known to you as the Women of Grace.

It was our privilege, along with many lovely helpers, to provide bake sales for our church family throughout the season of paying off our mortgage.

For years we held Principal Project Bake Sales as we all prayed this Breakthrough Prayer, “Father, please retire the Worship Center mortgage.” 

AND HE DID! Oh my, what a thrilling adventure! 

May our faithful Father receive all the praise for what He accomplished, and may we never forget what He has done!

I absolutely love having Breakthrough Prayers. They are like banners that kings carry into battle, leading the way for their army to follow. 

The Breakthrough Prayers reveal the hearts of our elders and staff as they are being led by God. They clearly guide us as we seek to serve the Lord together.

Inevitably, as I have prayed our Breakthrough Prayers over the years and found guidance through His Word, God has opened my heart to act. Not that any one of these prayers is more important than another; they work together, aligning the body of Christ for His purposes.

And now it’s happened again!

This year, it’s this Breakthrough Prayer that grabs my heart: Father, make our campus a place of beauty, safety and refuge that attracts others to Jesus. 

And the action God has put on my heart? How about another bake sale!

With the new Property Transformation Project fund now open, and a matching gift being offered for this fund by our dear donor for $300,000 this year, it’s time to bake!

Many of you have asked me, “Can we have another bake sale?” Finally, I can say, “YES, we can!”

The date is set! Sunday, April 14 will be our first Property Transformation Project Bake Sale.

One of the reasons our bake sales appeal to me is that it gives every person an opportunity to act on this Breakthrough Prayer by donating a bake good or by purchasing one.

All donations will go to our Property Transformation Project.

I pray you will see this message as a warm invitation to use your Father-blessed gifts toward the stewardship of our beautiful campus.

Thrilled to be His,


P.S. If you would like to contribute a baked good (sweet or savory) to this upcoming Property Transformation Project Bake Sale, we would welcome your helping hands! To find out more about this:

  • Stop by the Property Transformation Project Bake Sale table on the front patio this Sunday, March 24, or on Sunday, April 7.
  • Contact Roxanne Gujda at

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