Luke 19:10

Lesson 5: Called to Serve

Spend some time debriefing about your last assignment: 

1. What unique opportunities did you experience? 

2. What was the most difficult part of your time? 

3. Why was it important to have an accurate view of God, your own life, & how to love others during this time? 

4. What brought you joy while serving? 

5. How did you feel as you left?

Conclusion to the study: 

The heart behind this discipleship material isn’t just exposure to service opportunities, but a hope that Jesus’ passion for the marginalized and outsiders would be incorporated into the rhythms of your life and your family’s life. 

6. What are some of the things the Holy Spirit stirred in your heart during this discipleship series? 

7. Has the Spirit given you a vision of how this might look, even in the context of your busy life? 

8. What are some tangible ways you can continue to serve the people in need in your neighborhood or sphere of influence? 

9. What does it look like to invite others to join you in this process? Are there other believers in your life that can serve alongside you as you seek to meet the needs of others?


Watch this final video from David Newkirk, as you wrap up this study.

* End your time dreaming and praying with one another for what’s next for your discipleship group. Also pray that God will give you eyes to see those in need around you and opportunities to love and serve them well, including sharing the saving news of Jesus Christ with them.

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