Ken & Kathy Hoffman

Last spring Kathy and I led a team of young people from Glendora to Albania and Montenegro. Christar coworkers along the Silk Road were having their triennial conference. We were able to take part in a program for the children of Roma gypsies. The Roma are among the most resistant and least responsive people groups in Europe. What a joy…


I continue to enjoy teaching second grade. This is my fifth year here in Southeast Asia! During this past Christmas, I was again able to teach these 40 2nd grade students all about Creation to Christ. I compared the Bible story to Star Wars, in that Christmas shows up in Episode 4, but we will study WHY we need Jesus from Episodes…

Colin & Becca McDougall

In 2020 AIM will celebrate 125 years of ministry in Kenya. Most of the 40 people groups in Kenya have been reached with the gospel and in the 2019 census 80% of respondents identified themselves as Christians rather than Muslims, Hindu or African Traditional Religion—isn’t that amazing progress for the Gospel? Nevertheless, almost half of Kenya’s landmass is still unreached,…

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