Lifelong Blessing

I’ve been blessed by God’s grace literally my entire life. I had polio at 18 months. The doctors told my parents I’d never walk, never sit, that I’d be bedridden forever. (What a message to tell a mama and daddy!) I walk! I’ve had plenty of physical problems, but God has blessed me with His love, most of all, but…

Trusting in Christ

While taking my friends Brandon Durham and John Yeressian through Beginning In Grace, we came to a section of the book that gives the reader an opportunity to accept Christ. John paused, we had already been through two books prior on Christian living, but the question about salvation made him think. He just listened in silence for the rest of…

Coming to Jesus

A middle eastern couple came to the international student outreach already with the idea that they wanted to learn about Christianity. Karen and I and another Christian man have been reading the Bible (John mostly, also Romans) with them and also prayed for them. Christmas Eve, while dropping them off at their house after dinner, they said, “Mister Rob, since…

He is Good!

Amazing, wonderful, incredible news. Last week she accepted Christ! I am truly in awe of God’s work and hand in her life, every circumstance a stepping stone. Long before I knew her and prayed for her, He was at work. His control and provision are mind boggling. He is so good! —the first of the 100 stories of grace released…

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