Go and Make Disciples

During our conference here (April 24 to May 2), I received a report and pictures from our colleague, Pastor Yusufu, in Tanzania of a conference ongoing in Geita district (NW Tanzania) with 34 participants using the Swahili “Models”. Of course, the training in different cultures, languages and contexts will look different than here and we’re OK with that as long…

Preaching the Gospel

After the tragic loss of Daniel Anderson, Michael and David Anderson were able to preach the Gospel to over 150 students and faculty from Mt. San Antonio College at Church of the Open Door. Later that week, Patricia Anderson was able to share the amazing grace of Jesus Christ with an old friend of Dan’s that stopped by to encourage her.…

Club 3:16

The Cullen Club 3:16 Team had some of their kids inquire about baptism. They decided they wanted to offer the opportunity for kids in their club to get baptized. We offered a Parent/Child Baptism Information Class and five families showed up. It was held in the cafeteria at Cullen on a Tuesday evening (which is cool in itself). All who…

Encouragement From Afar

Dear COD Family, Thank you so much for the initiative to send encouragement cards to us and other missionaries from COD. I just read through every word of about 25 cards that deeply blessed and encouraged me. At least once a week the thought (or its shadow) comes into my heart – What are you doing out here?! Doubt and disbelief are…

Opened Door

David Schaller’s neighbor, during a round of golf, asked him, “How is your spiritual life going?” Beforehand, David specifically asked the Spirit to open a door and He did. Anderson was praying along with him. Another guy in the group that day shared it is “belief” that gets us into heaven. An amazing conversation! February 2, 2018


Almost a year ago today I did not have a job and was not able to support my family. Interview after interview . . . then finally the door opened up and the Lord blessed me with a teaching job. It has been great to get back into the classroom. My family prayed for me. I had friends also praying…

God Hears Us

I had already “moved on” from some hurt between a family member and I from 14 years ago. After a lot of formal counseling and God’s grace, I forgave and kept going on with life. This past year, God prompted this family member to speak with me and reconcile. I didn’t see this ever happening. Who knew that this 12…

Countless “Coincidences”

MJ (Saudi Arabia) escaped persecution and physical torture to Europe. Through a phone ministry, he had become a believer in Saudi Arabia. In Europe he was baptized, but he had no housing, food or money. His path crossed mine by God’s grace and we both speak Arabic! God has arranged countless “coincidences” to give him a whole summer now of…

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