Need For A Savior

My mom has always been standoffish about the Gospel and prayer, basically just uncomfortable with any type of intimacy with the Lord. She has had health issues this year and the Lord has opened her up to asking for prayer and she is requesting that we pray for her. Please pray that she would confess with her mouth her need…

Debt Free

God’s grace enabled us to put our three girls through private school and through college without going into debt. Every month/quarter/semester He provided that money needed to pay their schooling. They have graduated debt free and are pursuing careers in nursing, teaching, and YMCA. We also are not in debt. We were able to give regular tithes throughout this time…

Healthy Transitions

As our family returned to the US from living overseas for 14 years one of my biggest prayers was that God would provide a healthy transition for our teen daughter. Though there are still challenges, the last two years have been full of many graces as my daughter has made friends, found Christian encouragement and is headed to APU in…

O Wretched Man

O Wretched Man — Romans 7:13-25 “I don’t understand, wretched man that I am, rotten through and through I want to do right but I can’t win the fight O wretched man that I am. I know when I’m wrong my conscience is strong, it proves what a fool I’ve been. But sin has its way, it leads my astray…

Finally Found Grace and Love

Growing up in a very judgmental and legalistic church, I never knew of or experienced God’s love and grace. I experienced it for the first time the day we began attending COD. Soon after we began attending we were thrown into a very difficult trial. One night at HUB, overwhelmed with everything we were going through, I opened my heart…

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