He Answers Prayers

Last summer I prayed with Dave Anderson about business struggles and how I was representing clients in court regularly, but not able to see my family. With baby #3 on the way, this was not healthy. Dave and I asked God for a positive change. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! Within about 2-3 months, without advertising, without drafting a resume, without doing…

All the Glory

The details surrounding my marriage and divorce are so devastating, yet God really came through for me and my son in miraculous ways. I am still in awe and cannot comprehend how He showed me grace and gave me so many blessings I do not deserve or comprehend! He saved my son and me from such disaster and devastation. I…


When my mom, Mary Bailey, passed away on Good Friday, my brother and I were very thankful for all the support and help we received in taking care of her memorial. Also for the help we received for her care before she passed away. We felt God was with us as we cared for her and then remembered her life.…

God is Gracious

The past three years have been difficult for our son. Finishing his masters, school, etc. God has been gracious to carry him through this time and he graduated last week. Also, bringing him a wonderful woman who is also a Christ follower, into his life. Our daughter is still not following Jesus closely but has started to begin to open…

Need For A Savior

My mom has always been standoffish about the Gospel and prayer, basically just uncomfortable with any type of intimacy with the Lord. She has had health issues this year and the Lord has opened her up to asking for prayer and she is requesting that we pray for her. Please pray that she would confess with her mouth her need…

Debt Free

God’s grace enabled us to put our three girls through private school and through college without going into debt. Every month/quarter/semester He provided that money needed to pay their schooling. They have graduated debt free and are pursuing careers in nursing, teaching, and YMCA. We also are not in debt. We were able to give regular tithes throughout this time…

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