Provision and Favor

Our upcoming move to Auburn, Alabama has been a resumption of our journey with God. It’s another gracious milestone in our walk with Him. He has opened our eyes to the possibilities and opened doors! He has given us provision and favor. Only possible with the One full of grace and truth. Greg Demonteverde

Part of His Work

When we started a new HUB group three years ago, we prayed God would bring people who we could minister to and love. Two years ago Paula and Jerry Hill came to our HUB as new attenders at COD. God had a purpose for bringing them to our HUB group and we now see what it was. Recently Jerry passed…

Deep Joy

Grace: getting what I don’t deserve-that was the definition I learned in high school. Anyway, one thing I didn’t deserve was the opportunity to have a family. I have a patient, beautiful wife and two healthy boys. God has demonstrated his love to me by giving me this special time with them. There is a deep joy that comes with…

Led to Grace

My story of grace is my story of salvation and God revealing to me how I ended up with Jesus. It includes being led to the chaplain (Navy) that led me to a saving grace of God and salvation, then to discovering that my grandmother was capturing us whenever my father took us close to her tiny apartment in a…

God is Gracious

The past three years have been difficult for our son. Finishing his masters, school, etc. God has been gracious to carry him through this time and he graduated last week. Also, bringing him a wonderful woman who is also a Christ follower, into his life. Our daughter is still not following Jesus closely but has started to begin to open…

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