Saved By Grace

My dad was a pastor. My mother was a legalist. The 10 commandments became the 23 commandments. We were trying to live the Christian life by rules, not a relationship. I was sent to Moody Bible Institute – that was a disaster and total waste. Many, many years later at COD I realized that God’s grace did not require rules…

A Few Christmas Trees

(After Living Nativity we had leftover Christmas trees, which we put at our entrance on Sierra Madre with a sign that said: FREE! Richard Anderson writes about his experience on that day.) Before the first hour was over there were four people who stopped and with surprise asked, “Are these free?” My response to them was, “Yes, the trees are…


Through several years of trials and struggles, God brought me to reconnect with a beloved friend from my past. After much prayer and waiting, one year ago she and I were married. I inherited a huge blessing and challenge in her four children. This past Father’s Day, my first as a dad, I received notes from the kids and it…

All Things New

I got to pray with a client recently to lead her to saving faith in Christ. Afterwards, as we spoke of God, listened to hymns and read stories, she said, “I feel like a new person!” I told her, “You are, you are a new creation in Christ. He makes all things new!” She has dementia, but I believe and…

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