Jose & Janeen Gutierrez

The Cuenca family congregates in the Lamb of God Church (Cordero de Dios) in Loja. When we met them, we were impressed to know that they served fervently in their church, in spite of their limited education, with generous hearts and full of encouragement. Servio, the father, had the opportunity to be a part of ESI, in one of the…

Urbana Team

Reflections on attending the Urbana ’18 Missions Conference Going into this I felt like one recurring theme was submitting my power, having humility enough to submit to others. I think that’s a theme I’ve continued to see here studying Revelation. Jesus was victorious because of His submission, and that’s a great reminder to me to reflect on that in my…

Doug & Ruth Weber

When we relocated to northern Indiana, I had no idea we would be living so close to Amish country. If we travel south or east, we pass through Amish communities, requiring us to slow down for the horse-and-buggies on the road. Each time we passed a buggy, my missionary heart would wonder if the people inside were saved. Did they…

Ken & Kathy Hoffman

We started our year helping Kris, Heather and family move to Spain. It was wonderful to be able to help them and to experience their new life there. Helping take care of four active kids, helping with cooking, shopping and laundry for eight at my age wore me out! We returned home and had two weeks to prepare to fly…

Rebecca Young

Something I’ve wanted for my time in Spain was to get involved in a Spanish church. Having never gone to a church besides COD, I was curious, and to be honest, daunted and nervous about how God would lead me in finding a new church. In “Google” searching nearby Christian churches that were close to a bus route, I discovered…

Andy & Margaret Andersen

In recent days we took a woman to the hospital, who could not walk because of what appeared to be overly sensitive nerves on the bottom of her feet. We prayed for her at her house that she would get a good sleep, and she did. We prayed for her complete healing, took her to the hospital on two separate…

Colin & Becca McDougall

The churches that we planted among the Daasanach in northern Kenya are struggling without trained pastors. So last year we invited them to send someone down to us for training. They sent Amos Lobwangolei, who grew up with our son Stewart and is now about 28 years old. Amos lives on our compound and provides night watch security for one…

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