Reflections on attending the Urbana ’18 Missions Conference

Going into this I felt like one recurring theme was submitting my power, having humility enough to submit to others. I think that’s a theme I’ve continued to see here studying Revelation. Jesus was victorious because of His submission, and that’s a great reminder to me to reflect on that in my own life. – Michael Dubisz

I think I’m learning that despite all the different beliefs under the umbrella of “Christianity”, God can use anyone for His purpose. Even though I may disagree with some things that have been said, I’m still certain that He’s using me to further His kingdom. – Ryan Trerise

Honestly, I’m really excited because I feel like I am learning from examples set before me on how to step out in faith and reach people around the world through my passion for business and the gospel. – Tyler Elder

I feel like God is speaking out the next steps of how I can impact His kingdom and I have been so inspired by how others have discerned His call to cross cultural encounters. It’s scary exciting! – Kristina Newkirk

I was really encouraged by the testimonies of the people who are pressing in and making disciples on college campuses and in Muslim communities. – David Schaller

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