In recent days we took a woman to the hospital, who could not walk because of what appeared to be overly sensitive nerves on the bottom of her feet. We prayed for her at her house that she would get a good sleep, and she did. We prayed for her complete healing, took her to the hospital on two separate days, and she subsequently went to church and was prayed over. She walked out the church on her own two feet! Today we were at a relative’s house who had witnessed this event. We brought them Bibles. They heard and read about the Christmas story, (voraciously), and I shared the gospel to all present. On the way back, the man of the house said, “I would like to become a Christian, but I am concerned for my three wives…” I shared that Jesus loves all people including his three wives. He wants them all to be saved. “If you want to be a leader in the church, you will have to do something about your wives. But come to Jesus and bring all of your family!” He was all smiles and thanked us for our visit.

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