The churches that we planted among the Daasanach in northern Kenya are struggling without trained pastors. So last year we invited them to send someone down to us for training. They sent Amos Lobwangolei, who grew up with our son Stewart and is now about 28 years old. Amos lives on our compound and provides night watch security for one of our mission compounds in the city. He and his colleague Paul have been studying the Bible all year under the instruction of my partner Brian Hoffman. When school is out, Amos goes home to Ileret and shares the Scripture lessons he has learned.

We hope that early in 2019 we will be able to officially open the Northern Bible Training Center in Marsabit, Kenya, but in the meantime our great joy is to see these two men grow in their ability to study and teach the Word of God with a view to shepherding His people.

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