The Cuenca family congregates in the Lamb of God Church (Cordero de Dios) in Loja. When we met them, we were impressed to know that they served fervently in their church, in spite of their limited education, with generous hearts and full of encouragement.

Servio, the father, had the opportunity to be a part of ESI, in one of the first two groups in the history of Equipping Servants in Loja, Ecuador. His wife was also part of the first group of women who completed ESI. Due to their very long work days and their lack of education, it was a challenge for both of them to make time to complete all of their homework. Week after week, though, both came with work complete and ready to participate with their classmates. It was encouraging to see how each one, little by little, became respected by the others in their groups as they shared from their studies what they were learning about each topic of study. They could always be counted on to share insightful and heartfelt comments with their groups. Both Servio and his wife completed the ESI program. They continue to be an encouragement to those around them and in their church, especially when they have an opportunity to share or teach God’s Word.

Most recently their two sons, David and Juan Pablo, also had the opportunity to participate in the ESI university students’ group. David stood out from group and was selected to preach at the closing ceremony as their group successfully completed the ESI process. As we were planning the closing ceremony for that semester, the Cuenca family felt the call by God to go back to their hometown of Orianga, part of the Loja province, to plant a church. This is a very rural area that has been in need of a Bible teaching church and the Cuenca family is answering the need by obeying God’s call.

It is amazing to see how God is working in people who study His Word, read edifying Christian literature to build their character, and are accountable to others in their personal lives. We had the privilege of saying goodbye when they left to plant a new church in late July of 2018.

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