I was getting a dental implant surgery done last Friday, when I found out that the dental surgeon had lost his 20 year old son to leukemia in January and his father last September. As we wrapped up the surgery, I could see that he was in pain and I told him that I understood his pain and suffering as I saw that pain in my parents when I lost my brother, and how losing a son or a spouse is one of the worst experiences in life, as tears filled my eyes. He sensed the genuineness of my compassion, and asked what my faith and hope was in, and I told him that it was in Jesus. He knew a lot about the Bible and started to share about Job, and how God allowed all the turmoil in his life, and he went on to say that he’s no Job. He said he’s come to the conclusion that God has a plan despite what he prays, because he, his son, his family, everyone in his life prayed for his son to be healed, yet God took him away. He said his son was an innocent, kind, gentle, loving person, and that he would have understood if God took him instead of his son. I told him that Jesus loves him, and his son, and though he’s in a bad place right now because of all the pain, his son is in the best place because of his faith in Christ. I pray that God will heal his hurt and his heart, let him know that He loves him, and draws him back to Him. His name is Dr. Park, so please keep him in your prayers. God bless.
Harout Avayzian
May 25, 2018

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