Last summer I prayed with Dave Anderson about business struggles and how I was representing clients in court regularly, but not able to see my family. With baby #3 on the way, this was not healthy. Dave and I asked God for a positive change. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! Within about 2-3 months, without advertising, without drafting a resume, without doing anything but asking God, in His grace, my office phone rang with “I hear you’re a Christian attorney, and a millennial.” Shortly thereafter I accepted a tentative offer for employment with a devout Christian attorney and new mentor (starting in 2019). Once my wife and I determined in our hearts that it was God’s calling, His grace overwhelmed us. Cases settled, the calendar cleared and I am free to be the father and husband God clearly wants me to be. God answers prayers, and His love goes beyond that. Thanks, church!
Andy Hanson

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