Meet Mama Chikoti (told by COD missionary Margaret Andersen)

Mama Chikoti lives estranged from her husband and is alone in caring for two of her youngest children and five of her grandchildren. Her son became a believer and was baptized with the name Christopher in August 2019 (he’s pictured in the purple shirt!).

I gave Mama Chikoti an audio Bible so she can hear God’s Word while she is busy with tasks at home caring for her family.

After lunch with Mama Chikoti one day, we went across the street and met Mr. Sizya, who welcomed us and gave us permission to read children’s Bible stories to his many children, as Mama Chikoti’s kids sat with us, too.

I left Bible storybooks with both families so that they could reread and learn these stories from God’s Word.

I haven’t seen Mama Chikoti since December of 2020. I pray she is able to receive encouragement, and that her faith will grow from hearing the Word and she will be able to return to fellowship.


-for Christopher who failed his final exam in Secondary School and therefore cannot go on for any further studies. He needs direction and encouragement for how to make his own living.

-that they will hunger and thirst for God’s truth.

-Romans 10:17 over this family. “…faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the preached word of Christ.”

-for the love of Christ to flow across the street and that the fragrance and character of Christ will linger on them in such a way that as their neighbors watch and know them that they, too, would desire the river of life.

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