Charlie Konoske . . . I have recently seen a loved one soften towards the church and this person has even identified COD as “their church”. This is a big deal and I’m praising God for this story of grace released!

Jon Osborn . . . in the answer to our prayer for an improvement in my mom’s living situation. My mom has dementia and the last year or so has been really hard in dealing with her emotional state and how that is impacted by her living situation. As we have been praying, she has shown a good amount of improvement.  This helps me as well as her and is a great blessing for me.

Greg Demonteverde (former elder) . . . as God clearly led my wife and me to move to Alabama to be closer to family. God opened our hearts and minds to the possibility of being with family and to have this unique opportunity to minister to them. This will also allow us to be better stewards of His resources, to prepare us for our retirement years and to reach others in a new place.

Robert Gray . . . as he has filled in the gaps for me at work. As my company has grown, so also have the responsibilities and the pressure to work ever increasing hours. I committed to limit myself to a reasonable work schedule and entrusted the results to God and He has allowed me to stay above water even during a very busy time of growth and challenges.

Eric Folbrecht . . . when I saw the COD body of Christ genuinely love (instead of distancing, shaming or judging) some fragile people in the church. It really showed me how community makes a difference.

Bob Ketterling . . . through our HUB group as they came alongside a new couple to our church and to our HUB, Paula and Jerry.  As Jerry got sick (and recently passed away), the people in the HUB group rallied, prayed, and genuinely showed loved and cared for them. It was very encouraging to see this couple experience God’s love in very real ways through our HUB.
June 12, 2018

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