A middle eastern couple came to the international student outreach already with the idea that they wanted to learn about Christianity. Karen and I and another Christian man have been reading the Bible (John mostly, also Romans) with them and also prayed for them. Christmas Eve, while dropping them off at their house after dinner, they said, “Mister Rob, since we have met you everything has gone right. We had no house and no job, no hope in our hearts. But you prayed in Jesus’ name and God gives us job and house, and our heart has hope when we think of Jesus. Now we just want to know him more and learn all of him.” OK, really? Obviously I had done nothing special, but God had been drawing them (“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him”) so they came to Jesus and he answered special prayers to show them he cares. But you’re like, OK, how much do they know of Jesus, how much of him can they be giving themselves to . . . is this motivated politically or by the positive turn in life circumstances, or by a desire for change . . . one can never know.  A few weeks later I heard that the Christian man he works for had been going through Romans with him. They have both apparently decided to follow Jesus!  During our last contact he told me he wanted to translate evangelistic materials into his own language! We will see how their spiritual life develops and what kind of soil they are as we move forward, but up till now it’s awesome watching the LORD work.
Rob Kimmons
January 16, 2018

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