The Cullen Club 3:16 Team had some of their kids inquire about baptism. They decided they wanted to offer the opportunity for kids in their club to get baptized. We offered a Parent/Child Baptism Information Class and five families showed up. It was held in the cafeteria at Cullen on a Tuesday evening (which is cool in itself). All who attended were new to the teaching of the gospel in the Christian faith. Three of the moms were single moms and two of them in tears thanked us all for offering Club 3:16 as it has encouraged them to attend “Christian Church”. As far as I know, on May 18th at the home of one of the Cullen volunteers, there was a baptism in her jacuzzi! They also had a BBQ and a birthday cake for the new birth of these precious kids!
DeVonna Drey
May 1, 2018

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