In March we took in a 5 month old foster baby boy. He was inconsolable for the first several hours and it was apparent he was very sick. The weekend was spent in the ER and at doctors’ visits and in the time that followed it seemed that everything that could go wrong did. Though baby began to heal he slept poorly and required almost constant attention. Our bathroom flooded, we had an insect infestation, and “overwhelmed” felt like an understatement. In this time I questioned if we had done the right thing by taking him in, and even wondered if all this was some sort of punishment for taking on too much. Mixed in all the turmoil were several stories of grace released. In my most desperate moments people who love Jesus brought dinner, gave expert medical advice, brought fans and washed towels from the flood, stopped by with coffee, offered childcare and texted encouragement. In the middle of one night when I was feeling abandoned by God I went to the kitchen and was snacking on some banana bread. In that moment Jesus spoke to me: “Just as I am caring for this boy through you, so I made that banana bread just for you.” Jesus, the Bread of Life, had also made me banana bread through another of his servants. I felt so loved and cared for not just by my community, but by the One who, not just gives me my community, but IS my community. God also facilitated a bond with baby boy’s mom and, incredibly, one day my encouragement came from a song she shared with me via text: Blessings by Laura Story. Baby is back home with her now. Christ IN us has taken on a reality I hadn’t acknowledged fully before. What grace released towards me!
Brenda Konoske
June 28, 2018

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