The number 19 has turned out to be a great number in my life . . . In 1999, 19 years ago, I was on the cusp of graduating from college with what appeared to be a bright future ahead. I was treasurer of my student government, had a loving girlfriend, and all the promise of a bright future was in the air. I was living life on my own terms, trying to fight all my battles myself, knowing all along I was not winning but not willing to see it or accept it. And then my life came to a sudden halt. I was diagnosed with MS. At that time I thought my life was over. Little did I know it was just a new beginning.That year began my reunification with the Lord and year after year I can honestly say I’ve seen him working in my life and watching over me.

Along the way I’ve been blessed with meeting some God-enriched friends, sharing in fellowship and walking with fellow believers at home and at work that have helped to strengthen my faith. Glenkirk Guys, which later got renamed to Glendora Guys, was an answer to prayer and a key part of my journey. Being invited to an Alpha series by my brother Anthony Kim was another instance. Daily spiritual talks with Kris Kademian and Anthony Kim during lunch at work were priceless. Another person who really touched my life was Libby Kosterlitzky. Libby’s short time on this earth touched me deeply but I know without a doubt she’s waiting to be reunited with her family in heaven. Oh what a glorious day that will be and I look forward to seeing it. Attending two men’s Band of Brothers boot camps with brothers Anselmo and Frank were other instances of further spiritual growth. Currently being involved in a great HUB group through church with my wife, and men’s discipleship with a special group of believers led by pastor David Anderson have been priceless. There have been many other instances through my life where looking back I see God’s power at work, but it all started with my loving parents and family that breathed Christ’s love into me. I’m truly thankful that my mom and grandma are here to share in the moment with me and I know my dad, aunts, grandfather and others are here with me as well even though circumstances didn’t allow them to be here physically.

I have put my faith in the Lord for a long time and now felt the calling to make a public confession of my faith as an example to my family, friends and all those who I hold dear.

Proverbs 3:5-7
Chris Wright at his baptism
August 20, 2018

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