(After Living Nativity we had leftover Christmas trees, which we put at our entrance on Sierra Madre with a sign that said: FREE! Richard Anderson writes about his experience on that day.)

Before the first hour was over there were four people who stopped and with surprise asked, “Are these free?” My response to them was, “Yes, the trees are free, the Church of the Open Door paid for them and you can choose any one that you like.Do you know that Heaven is also free by trusting Jesus and you can choose to do that also? Come back to visit with us; we would like to share more of what the church can offer.”

I had gone back to the shop to wash my hands and measure for a box that I am making for the US flags to store them in. When I left about three o’clock there were only five remaining on the curb by the entrance and a man was loading a tree. I asked if I could help him. His response was, “Are the trees really free? Do you accept donations?” My response was, “Sure, you can come any Sunday that you would like and visit to find out what else is free that you can choose about trusting Jesus and how he made Heaven free for you.”

I have no idea if there will be any response from the cost for the trees, but the Holy Spirit can change lives by a few free Christmas trees left over from the Living Nativity that presented one of the GREATEST events in human history.

Richard Anderson
December 23, 2018

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