Remain in His Love

Jesus asks us to remain in his love, and to love others because we have been loved by him. If the foundation of our lives rest on the unfathomable and glorious riches of Christ’s love for us, then we are equipped to fulfill the greatest commandment—to love God and others. The result of partaking in this loving, intimate relationship is that we will bear fruit that remains.

Abiding in Jesus

We are trusting in a real Person whose constant message is, “I love you and my plan is glorious and good – TRUST ME!” When we do abide in Him as our vine, His life actually flows into ours. We experience greater levels of brokenness, greater ability to wait, greater detachment from this world.

His Peace

Do you ever feel like God has gotten your circumstances horribly wrong? This is exactly where the disciples find themselves in the Upper Room Discourse—fearful and overwhelmed, and in need of much encouragement. Jesus’ message to the disciples in the Upper Room, and to us today, is that He has come to bring peace to our troubled hearts.

Jesus: The Way, The Truth & The Life

With the uncertainties, pain and confusion of life around every corner, it is a guarantee that fear will try to be our constant companion. In the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus talks about giving us peace. He leaves us with peace; He gives us His peace, a peace we can’t find in this world.

Our High Calling: Go Low

At the very onset of the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus introduces to us to our high calling. In a very intimate and tender way Jesus explains that our high calling is to “go low”. Jesus’ journey from the very beginning was to go low, to take the form of a slave, to show humility to the point of death—even death on a cross

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