WorldReach 2020

The Great Commission

WorldReach 2020


God Guarantees It!

February 9th

8am Friendship Class (H20) Steve Quatro
9am Spanish Ministry (H20) David & Joy Tuggy
9am Women of Grace (U30) Ed & Judy Underwood
9am Women’s Bible Class Ken & Kathy Hoffman
9am Midlifiers Steve Quatro
9 & 10:45am services David Schaller: God Guarantees It!

February 11th

7pm Youth Group Ken & Kathy Hoffman
7pm Ayvazian/Trerise HUB Andy & Margaret Andersen

February 12th

7pm Schaller/Shires HUB Steve Quatro
7pm Anderson/Winters HUB David & Joy Tuggy
7pm Ketterling/Easton HUB Ed & Judy Underwood
7pm Gertsen/Vincent HUB Andy & Margaret Andersen

February 13th

11:30am Prime Time/WMF Lunch David & Joy Tuggy
7pm Meyers/Wang HUB Andy & Margaret Andersen

February 14th

7pm Salmo HUB  Ed & Judy Underwood

February 16th

9 & 10:45am services David Tuggy Preaching
5pm: WorldReach Finale Missionary Kahoot! (Dinner and Game Show)

February 19th

Various Homes HUB Andy & Margaret Andersen
7pm McGowan/Anderson HUB Steve Quatro

February 21st

7pm Donnelly/Bock HUB Ken & Kathy Hoffman

Ayvazian/Trerise  – Tim Trerise: 760 209 3268
Schaller/Shires –  Deric Shires: 714 943 0092
Anderson/Winters – Shawn Winters: 562 652 4125
Ketterling/Easton – Dave Easton: 626 233 6454
Gertsen/Vincent – Bob Vincent: 909 730 2870
Meyers/Wang – Jason Wang: 909 544 2174
Salmo – 626 224 6640
McGowan/Anderson – 626-541 0254
Donnelly/Bock – 626 814 7151

Stories of the Year

Our Missionaries

A collection of a few stories from our missionaries about how God is moving the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Colin & Becca McDougall

In 2020 AIM will celebrate 125 years of ministry in Kenya. Most of the 40 people groups in Kenya have been reached with the gospel and in the 2019 census 80% of respondents identified themselves as Christians rather than Muslims, Hindu or African Traditional Religion—isn’t that amazing progress for the Gospel?

Nevertheless, almost half of Kenya’s landmass is still unreached, including the Somali people, the largest Muslim people group in East Africa! Most of the unreached areas are in the north of Kenya, in the bush and in the deserts, and that is where Becca and I raised our family, planting churches among the Samburu and the Daasanach peoples. 

About 200 miles east from us, a Kenyan missionary named Daniel was raising his family and sharing the gospel with Borana people in the area around Moyale, and we would meet up twice per year at the district church council to encourage one another. Today, 20 years later, the Samburu, Daasanach, and Borana peoples are no longer unreached. There are about 2% born again believers in each people group and there is a reproducing, indigenous church that is faithful to Jesus and to His word—praise the Lord!

Today Daniel is the national director of missions for Africa Inland Church, and we are the leaders of Africa Inland Mission in Kenya. As Daniel ate lunch with us the other day, one thing that we all agreed is that with such a large Christian population and a growing middle class, Kenya could be sending a lot more missionaries around Africa and the world. We have formed a partnership with Daniel and others to explore ways and means to launch a mission society in Nairobi that could send Kenyans far and wide as well as supported missionaries. Meanwhile, some of the families that we have been training for missions are forming outreach teams like the one pictured. They are ready to go into all the world, but the churches just have not kept pace to be able to send them.

Please pray for Daniel and me and the other five leaders who are working together to form the Kenya International Missionary Sending Office in Nairobi. And pray for the churches to get behind our Kenyan teams to support them and send them out!


I continue to enjoy teaching second grade. This is my fifth year here in Southeast Asia! During this past Christmas, I was again able to teach these 40 2nd grade students all about Creation to Christ. I compared the Bible story to Star Wars, in that Christmas shows up in Episode 4, but we will study WHY we need Jesus from Episodes 1, 2, 3. For ten days, we shared all about the OT and how God is good! I love love love watching how the kids light up hearing these stories for the first time!

I started coaching middle school basketball with my dear friend Teresa Winterstein (our Vice-Principal). It’s been so fun to coach them! After every practice I got to give a coach’s talk where I was able to teach the girls about how much God loves them, is FOR them, and uses the Bible to speak to them. Some kids know this teaching and are getting refined through this time. Other kids had no concept of what I was talking about, but they enjoyed learning about God and who He was.

I love that I get to teach them many skills (basketball and Bible) while walking through life with them. During the season, several coaches and parents of other teams came up and commented on how they love playing our team because Teresa and I were super enthusiastic, and the kids were super nice. I love that our kids are lights in this city!

In the evenings, I mostly prepare for the Bible study I lead on Thursday nights. It’s been an incredible joy to study the Bible before leading. I’m getting so much out of leading our time together!

Ken & Kathy Hoffman

Last spring Kathy and I led a team of young people from Glendora to Albania and Montenegro. Christar coworkers along the Silk Road were having their triennial conference. We were able to take part in a program for the children of Roma gypsies. The Roma are among the most resistant and least responsive people groups in Europe. What a joy to be able to be a part of sharing God’s love.

Even greater was the opportunity to take part in a Sunday Easter Service in Tirana. This is a country which in the 1970s had no known believers. Together our team worshipped our risen Savior. What a joy and thrill!

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