The Nyamwezi


The Nyamwezi

I cannot begin to tell you how sweet it has been to hear so many of you pray this Breakthrough Prayer from the start of 2020: “Father, use us to build a reproducing church among an unreached people by 2030.”

I heard you pray it during our services and at Zoom prayer meetings. I listened as you asked God to answer this prayer during countless small group gatherings during a crazy COVID year. From our children to our youth, in our HUB groups and among our senior faithful – you have consistently begged God to show us an unreached people He wants us to focus on these next 10 years.

And, like a good Father, He delighted to give us the good gift of an answer – an exciting, solid, rich, answer – the Nyamwezi! The Nyamwezi are a 1 million-person Tanzanian people group that our own Andy and Margaret Andersen are in the process of reaching. I invite you to visit this page often, as we will be updating it with stories, resources, answered prayers, and whatever else the Lord brings to us as we continue to pray this decade l

David Schaller
Associate Pastor


The Nyamwezi tribe number around 1.5 million people and live primarily in west-central Tanzania.


Nyamwezi live together in nuclear families. Men work the land; women care for the home. Most adults marry, and their children go to government schools. They are primarily agriculturalists and pastoralists (sheep and cattle farmers). Goats and sheep are used for sacrifices, and for their meat and skins.


The Nyamwezi have a history of trading in copper, wax, ivory and slaves with Arabs at the coast. Elephant hunting was at one time a prestigious occupation due to the wealth from the ivory trade. They acquired guns and were often involved in intra-tribal wars and conflicts with the Arabs.


They embrace African traditional beliefs, Islam and Christianity. Most claim to be Muslim. They have much respect for their ancestors, to whom they offer sacrifices. They live by their animistic worldview, believing in a creator God, the spirit world and the importance of using witchdoctors and other diviners to communicate with the spirits.

Africa Inland Mission has provided more information on the Nyamwezi people at Pray Africa. If you wish to partner with them in prayer and receive email updates, subscribe here.

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