The Theology of Proverbs and Jesus Christ

The theology of Proverbs in biblical perspective is this: The wisdom of God has been built into the created order through Christ, God’s master builder. When we live wisely, when we live skillfully, we live in accordance with the way God has made the world. Ultimately, Christ is the fulfillment of God’s wisdom, embodying it to the fullest.

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Wisdom and Wealth Part 2

Often we separate our work, our vocations, into sacred or secular. Sacred work is seen as inherently spiritual and secular work isn’t. Sacred vocations are pastors and missionaries at non-profit and parachurch organizations. Then there are “secular” jobs that, in our minds, are less significant to God. These jobs and roles are simply to make money to support the real work of God.

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Wisdom and Wealth Part 1

For those who have money, you typically have to address the love of it, the stewardship of it and how deceptive it is in making us feel autonomous and self-sufficient. For those who don’t have money, you typically have to address the fantasies of what money can bring and what it can’t bring. You have to address the idea that success and meaning is equal to the money we have in our bank accounts and our earning power.

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Parenting Through Proverbs Part 6

As a parent, at some point you will be confronted with your inability to rescue your child from the pain of their decisions or the pain of this world. You’ve spent every minute of your parenting life believing that if you were a good enough parent, you could prevent certain things from happening to your kids. But you didn’t prevent it; you couldn’t prevent it. And here you are – overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness.

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Parenting Through Proverbs Part 5

In Proverbs there is a caution against flatter, but affirmation isn’t flattery. Flattery is when words are used to manipulate someone; affirmation is for the sake of the hearer and is so powerful. We have so many negative tapes that are being played in our heads that we get lost in a world of shame and doubt and desperately need affirmation. We are so thirsty for genuine affirmation and so are the kids.

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Parenting Through Proverbs Part 4

This is the message to our children: We are not going to find meaning outside of an abiding, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Satisfaction is not going to happen without Jesus.
However God leads our children, however they are gifted, however life turns out – marriage, jobs, locations – if Jesus isn’t the center of their universe, they are sunk. Cheap and empty pleasures will not satisfy; only He can!

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Parenting Through Proverbs Part 3

If you were to watch parents these days – if you were to watch our own parenting – you would probably conclude that happiness must be secured through minimizing our kids struggles. Failure and challenge are the last things we want our kids to experience. Who wants to watch their kids struggle? Not me! Not you! We want them to succeed and be happy!

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Parenting Through Proverbs Part 2

The state of humanity cannot be remedied through information or education. The Bible makes that very clear; there is nothing that rivals the Word of God in understanding the heart of man. Beginning in the Book of Genesis and throughout the entire Bible, it is taught that man is born a sinner. No child is born morally neutral; every person enters the world as a child of Adam, with a sin nature that needs little time and no encouragement to manifest itself.

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He is Risen!

Jesus knows you better than you know yourself. He knows everything and it has not and will not scare Him off. Jesus keeps showing up. Why? Because Jesus (in His own words) didn’t come to save the strong. He came to save the sick and the weak. We are powerless to heal our sin and heal our lives. Jesus came to save us from a life of trying and failing. He has come to rescue us through faith alone in Him alone.

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The Unexpected Jesus

The more I think about Palm Sunday and the national expectation of Messiah, the more I realize I am no different from all of those with expectations who surrounded Jesus coming into Jerusalem during Passover. From the beginning of time, the people of God have always been convinced of how their lives should look. From the beginning of time, we have had great expectations of grandeur, power and glory. We believe that it is God’s job to underwrite our personal aspirations and expectations.

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Knocked Down But Not Out

Disappointment, despair and depression can come from many different obstacles in our lives. What does God’s Word say about the valleys that we find ourselves in? What tools does He give us to help us climb out of despair? Elijah is one of the most famous men of God, but even Elijah dealt with disappointment and depression. This morning we are going to look at how God brought Elijah from deep in the valley back to understanding God’s incredible love for him and the people of Israel.

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