Our Eyes Are On You

Most of us have a perception that we are vulnerable only at certain points in our lives. So much of what we do in life is designed to protect us from the fact we are actually vulnerable all the time. The reality is that to be human is to be vulnerable. It is not a question of “if”, but rather “to what degree”. Our vulnerability is something we can hide, but not something we can eliminate. Weakness, often equated with vulnerability, is not welcome. We can get to the point that we believe vulnerability is abnormal, even pathological.

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From Suffering to Tenderness

God promises comfort to His people who are suffering for Him and the gospel. This comfort is described as overflowing, more than enough. It is not the removal of pain and sorrow or necessarily deliverance from these circumstances, but is care in the midst of these circumstances. The church community is often the means through which God imparts this consolation to us. We can lean into the Body of Christ with our suffering to be loved, accepted and embraced. Deep pain can bring deep intimacy.

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Proverbs and Friendship Pt 1

What if we could receive friendship guidance from the One who made us and understands us? What might He say about our friendships? The most commonly used word for “friend” and “neighbor” in the book of Proverbs is formed from the verb meaning “associate with”. The noun thus refers to another person with whom one is close. The translation “friend” indicates emotional attachment, while “neighbor” fits those contexts where spatial intimacy is meant.

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Wisdom and Wealth Pt 3

We are captivated by the rich, strong, good looking and powerful. Most of our personal fantasies involve us getting rich, stronger, better looking and more powerful. Our eyes are constantly scanning for these characteristics; our flesh craves these traits. As all the eyes of the world are on the wealthy and influential and the powerful, where are God’s eyes?

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