Two Lives Two Destinies

Two Lives, Two Destinies: the law of sowing and reaping. Believers who live by the Spirit reap rewards that last forever, they even share their finances with spiritual leaders! However, those who try to control their lives through the flesh reap “destruction” (φθορά)

Walk In The Spirit

In one of the most important passages on the Christian life in the Bible, Paul explains the grace gospel alternative to the law. By walking in the Spirit, Christians overcome the self-indulgent sins of the flesh and express their faith through love, a love that glorifies God by displaying the character of Christ.

Free to Love and Serve!

The big picture of Paul’s glorious presentation of Christian liberty contrasts two systems of righteousness: works-righteousness – which always enslaves, and grace-righteousness – which always liberates. It also forces us to see that true liberty is always about Christ and others.

The Comparison Game

Every single person is fighting battles, battles that we do not even have a clue about. Their lives look so much better than ours because we don’t know about their struggles and pain. In John 21 we learn something about our calling through Peter’s calling. Our calling is to follow Jesus wherever He leads us, not where He leads the person next to us. What God does with you, he doesn’t necessarily do with others.

The Key to Our New Assignment

I’m so thankful that we have a Savior who raises His hand and says – I will go where your pain and sin is. I volunteer to walk with you and heal you in all that “stuff” that is under lock and key. Not only that, but once you are restored, I want to give you new assignments. In fact, your best assignments are yet to come.

Throw Your Net on the Other Side

Most of Jesus’ disciples were rugged and worn fisherman by the Sea of Galilee. It’s no surprise that Peter leads six other disciples (Thomas, Nathanael, James, John and two others) back to the Sea of Galilee to fish (21:1-3). It’s here where the Apostle John records once again the great contrast between our own self-effort and the power and provision of our resurrected Savior.

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