From the start of this year, we’ve been asking the Lord to allow us to provide Bibles, beds and bikes to those taking the gospel to the Nyamwezi in 2023.

(If you’re just joining us on the Nyamwezi journey, we’ve been asking the Lord to use us to build a Christ-centered reproducing church among an unreached people – the Nyamwezi – by 2030. That’s been the big ask since 2020, and each year we see how the Lord focuses our attention and prayers towards that goal.)

We opened a Nyamwezi Fund so that we could support this request with donations as well. I remember thinking back in January that it would be great if we could bring in $15,000 for the Nyamwezi this year.

To my excitement, the Lord blew past that goal!

The generous gifts of nearly 50 donors and a phenomenal VBS week offering in June have brought in nearly $29,000 as of the writing of this blog!

All of the gifts to this fund have been used to meet the need for Bibles, beds and bikes for students who attend the Tabora Bible School in Tabora, Tanzania. This college is a training center for pastors and evangelists from all over the region.

As we approach the end of this year, I want you to share in the celebration by giving you a glimpse of how these funds have made a difference in the lives of our Tanzanian brothers and sisters. 

(And keep reading to the end, where I’ll share a little bit about how this fund will be redirected for the month of December to assist with another need among the Nyamwezi.)

Psalm 9:1 says, “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.”  Here are some of the ways we see the Lord at work:


  • Our Bible funds have equipped each of the 12 Tabora Bible College graduates (from July) with a Bible resources library. Each library costs about $200. This is a HUGE blessing to these graduates as they minister among many villages.
  • The Bible school is also planning to use some of these funds for computers and computer training. They’d like to help the evangelists learn how to access Bible content online for preaching and discipleship.
  • Other Bible funds are being used to provide literature that is handed out during outreach events and visits to villages.


  • Twenty-six bunk beds have been made this year, including mattresses and mosquito nets. This is more than enough for the current number of students (eight or so).
  • One upside to having some extra beds is that the school is planning on hosting 100 short-term students. They will be regularly coming for week-long training seminars over the course of the year.
  • Some of these funds will be used to purchase extra mattresses for these short-termers to have a place to sleep when they come for these weeks of intense training. Most of the evangelists who come lead small village churches and have little to no biblical and theological training. These training courses are VITAL to clear gospel and discipleship ministry.
  • Finally, some of the extra bed funds will be used to provide badly needed desks for all the Tabora Bible College students.


  • Tabora Bible School has purchased 37 new bikes! These are given to their evangelists as a tool to help them as they take the gospel from village to village. 

One such evangelist is Paul Kasubi. He graduated from Tabora Bible School a year ago and received one of these bikes. He has opened two new church sites since graduating. He excitedly stated, “I put into practice what I learned at the school. I started with one believer, and now there are many!”

He is thankful for the bike to help him get to and from these churches. This allows him to get home faster and have more time with his family.

Your gifts to the Nyamwezi Fund for Bibles, beds and bikes are making a difference! 

Thank you, Church of the Open Door family!

Please continue to pray for the Word to spread by hand, by mouth, by bike and online – but mainly by and in the power of the Holy Spirit!

All by grace,

David Schaller
Associate Pastor

P.S. We recently learned that our gifts have met the need for Bibles, beds and bike this year. At the same time we were invited to consider another opportunity to provide resources for those taking the gospel to the Nyamwezi. So for the month of December we will be directing the Nyamwezi Fund gifts in a related but different direction.

Donations given in December will go to assist the building of a pond near Tabora Bible School. This pond will help students at the school support themselves while they are studying; it will also help Bishop Silas support himself as he disciples students and encourages pastors who are ministering to the Nyamwezi.

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