Ed & Judy Underwood are two of our stellar missionaries. They love the bride of Christ and have a ministry focused on helping churches and leaders get healthy and thrive.

Below are some thoughts Ed recently shared as he reflected on the life of Vin Scully. I think these four lessons are worth pondering, for leaders and lay people alike, and wanted to share them with you.

All by grace,

David Schaller
Associate Pastor

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June 18, 2015.

I met Vin Scully, thanks to my friend, @dave_burchett_author.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Vin could teach church leaders and pastors about leadership. Four words come to mind:

1) Love. Vin loved the game of baseball, with all of its ups and downs. If church leaders don’t love the bride of Christ in spite of its messiness, leading will be a weary journey.

2) Prepared. Those who knew Vin’s routine were amazed at his dedication to his craft. Pastors and leaders should be as prepared as possible for every sermon, board or staff meeting, and addressing church problems with grace and truth.

3) Presence. It was only five minutes. But for those five minutes, I was the only person in Vin’s life. He was preoccupied with my story and ready with affirming words and encouraging sentences.

4) Humility. He meant it when he said he needed his fans more than we needed him.

Pastor or church leader, I recommend you read everything you can find on Vince Scully. I did, and I believe I’m a better leader of God’s people because of that study.

Ed Underwood
COD missionary and former lead pastor

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