More than ever, the circumstances of our lives and our world feel like a chaotic storm on the ocean. Like ships, we are subject to changes from driving wind, undercurrents, and massive waves.

Sailors rely on an anchor to keep their ship from drifting during storms. It also protects the ship from capsizing or being destroyed by rocks. Without an anchor, things feel out of control and dangerous.

I believe the Gospel of Luke was written to give believers an anchor in the storms of life.

There is so much uncertainty right now – politically, pandemically, economically and personally – is it possible that you and I have lost our way a little bit? Is it possible that some of us might be adrift and not even know it? Is it possible that you do not feel as certain as you once did about God’s plan and purposes in Jesus Christ? Is it possible that you do not know your place in the unfolding plan of God?

Jesus’ mission as told in Luke was to fulfill Israel’s vocation of being a light to the nations, to seek and save the lost, and give His life a ransom for many.

How did He do this?

He did this by first serving the poor, releasing the captives, restoring the blind, and setting free those who were oppressed.

Instead of God bringing His kingdom to powerful people in powerful positions, the Son of Man lays out the welcome mat for all sorts of disgusting characters—prostitutes, tax collectors, Samaritans and people from all the nations. He invites them to join with Him on His mission.

We are studying the Gospel of Luke this year because you and I need to be reminded Who our anchor is and the mission He has called us into at such a time as this. 

As we begin this study, here are 3 ways I encourage you to engage:

1) Read/listen to the Gospel of Luke. It takes 150 minutes to read through/listen to Luke. If we read/listen to Luke for 10 minutes three times a week, we will get through the whole Gospel in over a month.

I’m convinced if we immerse ourselves in this Gospel, the Spirit of God will begin the process of transforming our hearts through God’s Word.

2) Ask the question: “Who are the marginalized around me and my family and what small way can we be used by Jesus?”

It might be a shut-in next door or being intentional with someone from a different race or culture or paying attention to a disabled child in the neighborhood. God is giving us many opportunities personally and corporately to serve the least of these.

In the coming months we will introduce you, your family and our small groups to ministries that focus on those who are typically on the outside looking in.

3) Pray this Breakthrough PrayerFather, pour out your Spirit on us and move us to serve those in need.

What would happen if the Spirit takes off in this area? Could we each come out of Luke with a personal vision and passion for those who are on the outside looking in, and our place in bringing them into God’s call?

As we walk through this series, I am trusting that Jesus is going to anchor our ships to Him and His calling on our lives. We can trust that God will tether us to His character and His promises.

With love and expectation,

David Anderson
Lead Pastor

P.S. As always, I consider it a privilege to know how I can be praying for you and your family. If there’s a specific way I can come alongside you in prayer, please let me know.

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