Thank you for continuing to pray this Breakthrough Prayer as we step into the second year of this decade: Father, use us to build a reproducing church among an unreached people – the Nyamwezi – by 2030!

I am thrilled to share this glimpse into the Nyamwezi from the COD missionary couple who are in Tanzania working with them! AA & MA (using initials for security purposes) share their hearts and an invitation below.

I so appreciate you, and would love to know that you’re praying. I deeply value your partnership in this ten year process.


Pastor David Schaller



In 2015 we began living as a gospel witness among the Nyamwezi. We reached out in one village only to find out that there are several more villages without an active witness.

We long to see reproducing, indigenous, Christ-centered churches among all the Nyamwezi clans.

Workers are few. Missionaries to this area leave for many reasons. Bible students dwindle, and though evangelistic campaigns may roll through with decisions made, we long to see each new believer complete in Christ.

Many Nyamwezi hold to traditional beliefs, worshipping living spirits and revering ancestral spirits. Their beliefs are mixed strongly with Islam as Arab traders made the area central to trade routes.

We long to see a movement of people coming to Christ who will continue to reach others. We ask that this work is undergirded and lifted up continually by prayer. How can you begin?

You can help us by standing in the gap and praying! 

We invite you to join us in this prayer for the Nyamwezi:

“Lord, remove the veil from the eyes of the Nyamwezi and give them a longing to know your truth, that they may have new life in Jesus.”

The love of many will grow cold at the end of the world. Let’s not go down that road. Let’s be faithful to the end!

Until all have heard,


P.S. Interested in learning about the Nyamwezi? Take a minute and FIND OUT MORE from Pray Africa: the Nyamwezi.

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