I’m a sentimentalist. I’m a destination girl. I often struggle with finding patience for the “journey”. I also like to look back; I’m a historian. Today is my one-year work anniversary as the children’s pastor at Church of the Open Door. In some ways, it’s just another day. In other ways, it’s a personal milestone in my faith walk that causes me to take pause.

Bear with me. For those of you who are already familiar with my calling to this position, I know I shared all this in the early stages of the Captain’s Log, but we have added new friends over the year.

I never wanted to be a pastor. I’ve never been to seminary. I wasn’t even looking for a job. I am just a normal everyday person who relishes in some solid trash talk, is a hot mess of a mom, enjoys a good cocktail, and loves Jesus. But God works in mysterious ways, and over the span of 44 days, God moved my heart from a 95% NO STINKING WAY, to a “I think you are crazy God” but I trust you 100%; I’m in.

Today I take pause to reflect on the beauty of the year.

The year didn’t resemble anything I had imagined when I said yes, but it was unforgettably breathtaking. Despite the lows and the very lows, the curve balls and setbacks, God, our Father, did not once leave or forsake me. He opened my mouth and reminded me of my name when I blankly stared into the camera. He gave me words when my eyes glazed over an empty screen. He gave me amazingly gifted team members to shine His light in ways only they could. He gave me an army of exceptional teenagers to be His hands and feet. He gave me super supportive coworkers and leadership to process ideas and policies with. He gave me joy in the journey. He forged new relationships. He opened up my network. He gave me stamina and grace through hard conversations. He gave me peace after making what felt like impossible decisions. Not once in 365 days did He leave me hanging. He paved the way; He provided; He healed; He unified; He supported; He blessed; He protected; He brought; He inspired.

I write this with tears in my eyes. Today is not about me. Today is about Him. Today is for any of you who feel God calling you to something that just looks plain dumb on paper. For those of you who feel inadequate to do something. For those of you who have gotten comfortable looking to the “more qualified” people to bring change. I’m one of you!!! I’m just a normal person in deep need of sanctification who God chose to use in spite of myself. I am an everyday fisherman who God asked to follow Him.

Today I feel burdened to shout God’s faithfulness from the treetops and encourage you to press into His calling, whatever it might be.

God is not a waster. God doesn’t look back on 2020 and what many of us might call a dumpster fire year and shake His head in accord. No, it held purpose. He is on the move. He has glorious plans for all of us that only we can fulfill. He just needs us to say yes. I’m here to give testimony of God’s goodness when we do. This last year was a year for the books, but I would do it all over again, to experience His closeness, His provision and His tender faithfulness.

Thank you for the support and encouragement. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for your partnership in investing in the next generation of disciples. His faithfulness is like no other. To God be the glory. Amen.


Children’s Pastor

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