I cannot begin to tell you how sweet it has been to hear so many of you pray this Breakthrough Prayer this past year:

“Father, use us to build a reproducing church among an unreached people by 2030.”

I heard you pray it during our services and at Zoom prayer meetings.

I listened as you asked God to answer this prayer during countless small group gatherings this crazy Covid year.

From our children to our youth, in our HUB groups and among our senior faithful – you have consistently begged God to show us an unreached people He wants us to focus on these next 10 years.

And like a Good Father, He delighted to give us the good gift of an answer – an exciting, solid, rich, both/and, two-part answer:

· The Nyamwezi – a 1 million-person Tanzanian people group that our own Andy and Margaret Andersen are in the process of reaching.

· An East African people group – one that our own Colin and Becca McDougall will look to reach in the near future.

I am VERY encouraged that our Missions Team and Board of Elders trust the Holy Spirit enough to be open to not one, but two unreached people groups!

In the weeks and months ahead, I will be sharing more about what it will look like to engage with Andy and Margaret in reaching the Nyamwezi.

For now, continue to pray our Breakthrough Prayer, filling in “the Nyamwezi” for “an unreached people group!” Also, pray for God to lead Colin and Becca to an unreached people group in East Africa.

In closing, I think it is VERY important that as we are now praying specifically for the Nyamwezi, we pronounce their name correctly! Click on the link below to hear Margaret Andersen correctly pronounce “Nyamwezi.” Can you guess what she is saying in-between the pronunciations? Have fun!

With Great Commission joy in our partnership,

David Schaller
Associate Pastor

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