I believe we are at a unique time in our history as a church.

God is giving us an opportunity to show the world that Jesus isn’t a game we play; He isn’t a cultural or political marker for us. Jesus is the most glorious, selfless and beautiful Savior! He can actually unify us in Spirit filled, humble, and miraculous ways as He heals and transforms us.

That’s why we need you to pray our 2020 prayer more than ever: Father, pour out your Spirit on us and move us forward together! 

We are praying for revival and are asking for the undeniable, unmistakable powerful work of the Holy Spirit in your life, in your family’s life and here at Church of the Open Door. As shepherds of this community, your elders and pastors continue to move forward seeking God’s wisdom and powerful movement among us. 

We are deeply concerned about the impact of isolation on our community – children, youth and adults. A number of significant problems – suicidal thoughts and attempts, mental illness, alcohol and drug consumption, abuse and violence – are hitting record numbers. 

We don’t take this lightly. 

We want you to hear that we want a chance to minister to you, your children, your friends and to this community that God has entrusted to us.

  • We are excited to shepherd our children and youth at day camps throughout July! 
  • Our elementary aged kids and their friends are welcome on campus for an hour of organized fun together (we’re calling it CODkids Summer Fest) on Wednesday mornings under the tent.
  • Our junior high and high school students are meeting again on Tuesday nights. They’re gathering outside, distanced while worshiping and being strengthened through community.
  • We are continuing to come to worship together under the tent on Sunday mornings (this weekend we’ll be restarting a Traditional Service at 8:00am) as well as to connect online through our virtual service.
  • It is thrilling to be sending Andy and Margaret Andersen back to Tanzania this month after having them with us for a year of home assignment! They are eager and ready to return to the ministry of the gospel among the Nyamwezi.

All of these decisions are prayerfully and thoughtfully considered and planned keeping CDC guidelines in mind. 

We need community more than ever. Our kids and youth need it, too. 

In a divided country with so many strong opinions, I am praying that God can unify us as a community to boldly proclaim Jesus by the power and humility of the Holy Spirit and disciple others. 

I so appreciate your partnership. I so appreciate your faithfulness in prayer.

Much love,
Pastor David Anderson 

P.S. These are tough days. If there is a specific way I can be praying for you, for your family, for a child or grandchild or friend, I would love to know and partner with you. I am here for you. Your shepherds at Church of the Open Door are here for you!

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