Over the course of JG’s time in youth ministry, I have had the opportunity to watch the Holy Spirit grab a hold of his heart and to instill in him how uniquely gifted and loved he is. JG brings joy and passion to the students he serves, to us as leaders, and to the body as he leads in worship. He is a true servant of the Lord Jesus, and his courage in following his Heavenly Father is contagious! – David Newkirk, Next Gen Pastor

If you told me in my freshman/sophomore year of high school that I would become the Worship Intern at my home church and that I would be on the properties staff at my home church, I wouldn’t have said anything because I just never talked lol.

I was the kid in the back waiting for youth group to be done. Thinking that the community of believers never saw me and never loved me. Thinking that God never loved me and was never there for me.

I remember one summer on the youth missions trip in Tecate, Mexico, I was affirmed and I instantly broke down crying. Like when he said that he was affirming me, I just started crying haha.

It was then that I found God’s love through this incredible community. (It rings true to this day!!! These high schoolers at COD really know how to make you feel loved and included, and they truly show God’s love through their actions). That summer I began to break down my walls.

God took a shy kid who almost left his church and used him for something bigger. He is using that kid to lead the congregation in worship. He is using that kid to maintain the grounds at COD. He has truly provided and blessed me with way more than I deserve.

There is no way that I did this by myself. I don’t want this post to have a selfish vibe to it and I apologize if it seems that way. I also apologize for writing so much every time haha.

I just want everyone to know that my God is good and faithful to His promise. I’m tearing up writing this cause I just never thought I’d be used to further His kingdom and here I am.

Every time I think of His faithfulness, I cry with pure joy knowing that He’s not finished with me yet and I know for a fact that He’s not finished with you either.

Jeremiah 29:11 // KTF

Justin Gonzalez (“JG”)
Worship Intern

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