When we decided to start praying in January – Father, pour out your Spirit on us and move us forward together – we had no idea that within two months we would enter into a worldwide crisis and pandemic. We had no idea we would be living these types of lives week in and week out.

We had really good plans and strategies to see the Holy Spirit move and work among us.

But now, God has authoritatively and graciously said to us, “I have even better plans than yours to pour out my Spirit on you and this world!”

I have personally never seen us more humble, less petty, more forgiving, more encouraging, more hopeful, more unified and more aware of the moving of our precious Holy Spirit. As Children’s Pastor Jessica Lee has reminded us daily in her blog – God is on the move!

I say all of this to encourage you to press into your fear and continue to take bold steps of trust. Pray boldly, extend forgiveness, let go of past hurt, love passionately, trust as if God actually exists and is the rewarder of those who seek Him!

One way to do this is to continue to share our online worship services.

Last week, Nancy and I took 10 minutes to invite 20 of our friends who are without hope and without Christ to view the services. I was shocked at how many of them actually watched the service and told me how their hearts connected with it.

A thousand families visited our online Easter service! That’s more than double what we typically have on an Easter Sunday. Forty percent of them had never been on our website before. Our other Sunday online services have doubled our reach as well.

This is a powerful work of God and we praise Him for this! Thank you for boldly inviting others, because we have a seat at the table for them! I’d love to be praying along with you for those on your heart to invite.

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and continue to invite friends and families to join us as we proclaim the mighty love of Jesus Christ.

Your partner in the Gospel,

David Anderson
Lead Pastor

P.S. The most effective way to find the service each week is to simply go to our website home page at churchoftheopendoor.com, find the Online Worship Service image right at the top of the page and push the “Click Here” button. Share this with your friends!

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