When my five kids were young, you could literally see the transformation on their faces when I took the time to affirm them. Who would have ever guessed that a few thoughtful observations could cause hope to twinkle in their eyes and radiate in their smiles?

As our kids move into the teenage years and adulthood, they act like they aren’t listening to Nancy and my words of love, but they are. My children crave words of affirmation like their bodies crave oxygen. They can’t live without it, and neither can your children or grandchildren.  

It’s so important. As we trust the Spirit to help, here are five reasons to affirm our kids by way of encouragement:

1. Affirmation reminds our children that they are not the sum total of their weaknesses and deficiencies. 

2. Affirmation calls out our kids’ new natures. Before knowing Jesus, their nature (like ours) was Adam’s nature. Adam’s nature is defined by sin, coping, covering, blame, deny and control. After knowing Jesus, our children are united with Him, His death and resurrection and the driving force is the Holy Spirit (Rom. 6 & 8). Our affirmation calls out their new nature: “I see the Holy Spirit work in you and it is breathtaking!”

3. Affirmation gives our children confidence, boldness, creativity and freedom. Affirmation will never lower performance. In fact, it does just the opposite. Affirmation humbles and makes our kids want to work harder on the things they are being affirmed in.

4. Affirmation heals and transforms relationships. When a child hears the life-giving words of affirmation, it changes the dynamics of that relationship.

5. Affirmation is a tool used by God to express His delight in His child.
You are saying, “I see God working in you and the way He has designed you is not a mistake, but blesses us!” Paul says that it builds up the one in need and gives grace (Eph. 4:29).

Don’t assume your kids know how crazy you are about them. Tell them today!


David Anderson
Lead Pastor
Church of the Open Door

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