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From the heart of
Worship Pastor Steve Sandy
Written by: Lee Ann Jackson
Glendora, California – Music listening has become an important part of everyday life –
in fact, according to Nielsen’s Music study, 93% of the U.S. population listens to music. 

Martin Luther, a German priest and scholar who began the Protestant Reformation, said about music, “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” 

Talk about music with the Worship Pastor at Church of the Open Door, Steve Sandy, and he’d agree about the importance of music in our lives, “I got into music thinking I would either be a rock star or a music teacher.  As time went on, I realized what I am truly passionate about is using music to tell stories, and worship music lets us sing about God’s story, so I began serving as a worship ministry intern at my church.”

Steve reflects about the role of music in church, “Music serves many purposes in the church.  It is a great tool for teaching scripture and helping people to remember it.  It is a great way for the church body to encourage one another and to demonstrate our unity as we sing out those biblical truths together, and the music we sing also helps our hearts respond appropriately to the Spirit at work within us.”

Noting that music is also therapeutic, Steve sees the connection between it and the ability to comfort and console.  In fact, he often turns to music often during difficult times, “I listen to songs like Be Still My Soul if I’m particularly stressed out, or I find comfort in the midst of pain in songs like Blessed Be Your Name.

The deep connection between music and God isn’t anything new – it was the famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, who said, “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”

More contemporary musicians agree about the power of music. Herbie Hancock, American pianist, composer and keyboardist said, “Music is the tool to express life and all that makes a difference.”

(You can learn more about the role of music at Church of the Open Door by visiting the us on Sunday mornings at either the 9:00am or 11:00AM service – both include music!
Church of the Open Door, the historic non-denominational church established in 1915 , was originally located in downtown Los Angeles and once pastored by J. Vernon McGee of Thru the Bible Radio Ministries; Senior Pastor is David Anderson.)

How do we worship at Church of the Open Door?

Through joyful congregational singing, inspired playing, reinforcing classic hymns, embracing new songs, and by inviting honest response and reflection on the Word of God, our guide. The grace and mercy we receive from Jesus Christ moves us to respond! And we do, together in community.
Our services usually include 6-8 singers leading modern worship and hymn arrangements along with full band. There is an emphasis on corporate praise and expository teaching from the Word of God, all in an informal, multi-generational atmosphere. Come and worship with us, respond to His Truth in freedom, and be a part of a growing atmosphere of grace!

Jam Sessions

Interested in being part of the worship ministry?  Worship Pastor Steve Sandy invites you to join him for Jam Sessions quarterly in the Worship Center. He enjoys hearing COD musicians and keeping the door open for new team members. Contact steve.sandy@churchoftheopendoor.com or at 626 914 4646 ext 12 for information about the next evening Jam Session.
We believe healthy worship to be vital to the growth and focus of the local church, and are committed to including those from all walks of life who attend COD to be a part of it!