“The Heart of Mission” stories
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from David Tuggy
from Colin McDougall Jr.
from Mark & Esther Weathers
A message from Pastor David Schaller (Associate/Missions):  

Did you know that as a church we support 21 adults (and 10 kids!) serving in 10 different countries around the world?  Some are in big cities; others are way off the beaten track. They range in age from 2 years to 80 years old. Some are just starting out and have worked a couple of years; others have been serving more than 40 years. Some teach, some train, others build and administrate – all seek to make friends and share the love of Christ with those who are without hope. They’re a fantastic group!

WorldReach is our yearly chance to find out more about missions at Church of the Open Door. WorldReach 2018 starts Feb 11 and runs through Feb 18. During this week, you’ll have the chance to meet and hear from some of our missionaries – people who have been called by God to take the gospel to people in other countries who have very limited chances to hear. 

Each year we have a theme that helps our missionaries bring out one aspect of their ministry to share with us. This year’s theme is “The Heart of Mission”. 

We have three main ways for you to participate:
1. Sunday Services (Feb 11 & 18)
Talbot Seminary’s Dr. Mark Saucy will kick off WorldReach on February 11 with a message that gets to the core motivation of missionary outreach from the Apostle Paul’s teaching in the book of Ephesians. Dr. Saucy writes, “Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians is a call for Christians to mission (and everything else Christians are supposed to do) because it is a call for Christians to know their identity in Christ.”
I will be preaching on February 18 and including our missionaries in offering the Lord’s Table.
2. Missionary Sharing (Feb 11-18)
Visit a Sunday morning Bible class or weeknight HUB group (see schedule to the right) to hear our missionaries share their hearts for missions and their stories of what God is doing to build His church around the world. 
3. Missions Jeopardy: Dinner and a Game Show (Feb 18)
Don’t miss our grand finale event: on Sunday evening, February 18, at 5pm. Come enjoy delicious food prepared by our Spanish Ministry (it’s free!), and watch four contestants play jeopardy COD missions style – you’ll learn much about our missionaries and have a chance to write letters to them as well.

Check out the schedule of events (to the right!) and plan to take part.  We think you’ll be glad you did!

WorldReach 2018 Schedule
February 11-18
Sunday, February 11
Dr. Mark Saucy preaching 9&11am services 
Monday, February 12
Tuesday, February 13
12:00pm: WMF lunch with Esther Weathers
Wednesday, February 14
7:00pm:  Baiseri/Collett HUB 
        Kuiper/Konoske HUB 
                 Anderson/Winters HUB 
:               Ketterling/Easton HUB 
                 Gertsen/Vincent HUB 
Thursday, February 15
11:30am:  Prime Time/WMF Potluck (Hillside Room) 
7:00pm:  Meyers/Wang HUB 
Friday, February 16
7:00pm: Austria/Salmo HUB 
7:00pm: Bock/Donnelly HUB
PLEASE NOTE:  See Adults/Small Groups page for info on how to contact any of these HUB groups or adult Sunday classes. Groups not hosting a speaker will be receiving other creative avenues to connect with our missionaries this week!
Sunday, February 18
David Schaller preaching 9&11am/Lord’s Table with missionaries
5:00pm WorldReach Finale: Missions Jeopardy: Dinner & A Game Show