Stories of Sharing Grace



from Pastor David Schaller I February 20, 2018
What an amazing WorldReach 2018 week we had! 
Highlights that captured my heart:
1. Watching Mark & Esther Weathers span the age range – from 6th graders in the youth group up to our Prime Time senior’s group – sharing their passion for translation work in Mexico.
2. Hearing Colin McDougall Sr lead us in a heart-felt Lord’s Table celebration.
3. Seeing the COD Family write over 200 notes of encouragement to our missionaries! (Proverbs 25;25)
4. Experiencing almost 200 people at the Missions Jeopardy evening enjoy finding out amazing facts like:
  • Last summer COD raised $3,500 to help Doug and Ruth Weber’s radio ministry partners get almost 90 solar powered radios to unreached parts of Burkina Faso so they could hear the good news.
  • France, where Rob and Karen Kimmons minister, is 10% Muslim and less than 1% Christian.
  • Alex Trebek can say “Jesus” in 5 different languages. 🙂
  • The winning contestant – Brenda – knows her missions at COD.

For from you the gospel has sounded forth, not only in Glendora and the San Gabriel Valley, but also in every place. Your faith toward God has gone out, so that we do not need to say anything(1 Thessalonians 1:8, David Schaller version)

Sounding forth the gospel with you to those yet to hear,


Did you know that as a church we support 21 adults (and 10 kids!) serving in 10 different countries around the world? Some are in big cities; others are way off the beaten track. They range in age from 2 to 80 years old. Some are just starting out and have worked a couple of years; others have been serving more than 40 years. Some teach, some train, others build and administrate — all seek to make friends and share the love of Christ with those who are without hope. They’re a fantastic group!

WorldReach is our yearly chance to find out more about missions at Church of the Open Door. WorldReach 2018 runs February 11 -18. During this week, you’ll have the chance to meet and hear from some of our missionaries – people who have been called by God to take the gospel to people in other countries who have very limited chances to hear. 

Here are a few key ways you can take part:

  1. Meet A Missionary: Visit a Sunday morning Bible class OR weekly HUB group to hear our visiting missionaries share their hearts and their stories of what God is doing to build His church around the world. (See schedule to the right.)
  1. Write A Missionary: Stop by the “Write A Missionary” table in front of the Worship Center on Sundays February 11 or 18. Choose a card, write a note to one of our missionaries, and drop it in the basket provided. We’ll take care of mailing them. We’re shooting to write 200 cards total to our missionaries, and we’d love for you to be part of it!
  1. Missions Jeopardy: Dinner & A Game Show: Don’t miss this grand finale event on Sunday evening, February 18, at 5pm! Come enjoy delicious food prepared by our Spanish Ministry, and watch four contestants play jeopardy COD missions style – you’ll learn much about our missionaries and have a great time, too.

Plan now to take part of this great week. We think you’ll be glad you did!

SUNDAY, February 11
8:00am Friendship & Ess of the Faith with Colin McDougall Sr.
9:00am Faith Builders with Colin McDougall Sr.
               Spanish Ministry with Mark & Esther Weathers
11:00am CODkids Missions Festival in Kids Church! 
9:00 & 11:00am services: Dr. Mark Saucy on “The Heart of Missions”

All morning: visit the “Write A Missionary” table out front of the Worship Center!

TUESDAY, February 13                                                            11:30am WMF lunch at Marie Callender’s with Esther Weathers. All are welcome! Contact person is Marcia at                                                           7:00pm Youth Group with Mark & Esther Weathers            7:00pm Gregorich/Robinson HUB with Colin McDougall Sr

WEDNESDAY, February 14                                                     7:00pm Kuiper/Konoske HUB: Mark & Esther Weathers            7:00pm McGowan/Anderson HUB: Colin McDougall Sr.                             

THURSDAY, February 15                                                              11:30am Prime Time/WMF lunch with Mark & Esther Weathers in the Hillside Room                                                                 7:00pm Johnson/Menetrey HUB: Colin McDougall Sr.

FRIDAY, February 16                                                                                       7:00pm Donnelly/Bock HUB: Colin McDougall Sr.                                        7:00pm Meyer/Wang HUB: Ecuador Team (Wes & Pam Wade)
(NOTE: For information about where these Sunday morning Bible classes and weekly HUBs meet and how to contact them, click HERE.)
SUNDAY, February 18
9:00 & 11:00am services: David Schaller
5:00pm Missions Jeopardy: Dinner & A Game Show
All morning: visit the “Write A Missionary” table out front of the Worship Center!
Sunday, February 18 @ 5pm
Join us for a delicious dinner (it’s free!) made by our Spanish Ministry team, learn about missions as you watch four contestants compete in a rousing game of Jeopardy – COD Missions style, have an opportunity to contribute towards a missions offering, & more!  
(Childcare will be provided for children grade 3
and younger.)