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Jeremy Maclennan, Properties Pastor | Email:
God has blessed us with an incredible piece of property here at COD–43 acres.
Our desire is to be good stewards of all He has given us!
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Check back later for updated information about how you can help with projects around our campus.  

2015 Legacy Project

Doing something for the next generation!
People who drive up to COD’s campus for the first time are often awed by the natural beauty and the opportunities for ministry in this place. A comment often heard is, “Wow! You have a swimming pool – that’s awesome!” We have used it for baptisms, children’s ministry events, youth ministry events and all kinds of family gatherings. The pool has been a centerpiece of amazing ministry for over 30 years!
Located at the heart of our sprawling campus, hundreds of lives have been changed through these events concentrated around the pool. Looking forward, COD sees the pool as a vibrant part of ministry here for years to come! Knowing how effective the pool has been in changing lives for Christ, COD leadership is committed to remodeling the pool to ensure its legacy lives on for future generations. We have a plan! And you are an important part of that plan to keep this vital ministry location going.
The Plan
The Legacy project for 2015 consists of updating our pool facilities for future generations. The project will be done in three phases, with each phase being independent of the others. We’ started with Phase One and COMPLETED IT!
Phase One ($30,000) – What we DID
This involved what we had to do to open the pool for the summer.
* Re-plaster, including new coping/edging around the pool perimetel
* Install a new handrail in the shallow end as well as two in the deep end of the pool
* New tile and tile markers to designate steps as well as the 4 ft depth mark
* Improve filtration and circulation
* Add pool lights to improve safety
Phase Two ($30,000) – What we WANT TO DO
This focuses on the Cabana. Our desire is to make the cabana facility safer, cleaner and more usable.
* Repairing and repainting damaged areas of the building
* Updating the changing rooms
* Adding restrooms for safety and a healthier pool environment
Phase Three (extra funds) – What we’d LOVE TO DO
Designed to increase the future ministry use of this area.
* Increasing the fenced in area of the pool to allow more people to safely congregate
* Expanding/repairing the concrete around the pool for better and safer use
* Creating accessibility for those with disabilities to be able to participate in events
* Building a small amphitheater to the east of the pool for growing ministry needs
Your Part
This Legacy Project will enhance the church property and ministry!
Knowing this is an investment in the future of Church of the Open Door, we are praying for unified support.
Total cost will be about $60,000. A one-time $200 gift from 300 families would complete the project!
Broken down that would be: $50/month (or $12.50/week) for four months
Looking to give online? CLICK HERE to find our Online Giving page.
In whatever way you choose to give, it will make a difference to the ministry of COD both now and into the future! You can also pray with us that God will supply in ways we haven’t thought of to take this legacy forward!
Dad/Kid campout 2016

Legacy Project Update

Summer 2016 update on our Legacy Project:
To recap, the Legacy Project was started in our 100th year celebration, 2015, to bring some much needed repair and attention to our campus pool. We decided to dream big and planned three phases for The Legacy Project:
Phase 1
Bring the pool up to code so that it can be open for use
Phase 2
 Rehab the pool cabana building to add restroom facilities to the pool area
Phase 3
Create an amphitheater just outside the pool area
I’m happy to report that Phase 1 is complete and our pool is open and ready to be used for Summer 2016 and beyond! Thank you to all for the generous donations which allowed us to complete this phase without needing to dip into our general budget. What a blessing to have a church community, guided by the Holy Spirit, giving to such a large project above and beyond their general giving. We now have a very safe and beautiful swimming pool for our community to use as well as for the future generations of Church of the Open Door. So, what’s next?
Toward the end of 2015 there was a concern among the leadership that our community would not meet our 2015 budget goals. Due to this concern, we prayed about and decided to postpone moving forward with Phases 2 & 3 of The Legacy Project until such time that God made it clear that we should pursue funding again. Which brings us to today. We have not abandoned the project. We are just waiting for God’s timing. Thanks to the extremely generous financial gifts in December 2015 and the faithful giving in this first half of 2016, our financial outlook is one of the healthiest that we have had in many years. Because of this, we are pursuing the Lord’s guidance in moving forward with the next phase of The Legacy Project.
I am hopeful that the Lord will give us His blessing in moving forward into Phase 2 of The Legacy Project by the end of this year. Please continue to pray that the Lord will keep moving in the hearts of the people of this community to continue giving generously. Pray that God will make it clear when we can begin pursuing Phase 2 of The Legacy Project. And most importantly, please be praying for the pool’s future use and its lasting legacy on the lives of those who will impact this community for generations: friends of our students and youth hearing the gospel after an afternoon of swimming, friendships built after church on open swim days (dates TBD), students introduced to discipleship during IDRAFOJE, people whose lives have been changed being publicly baptized as witness to their love of Christ.
Thank you for generously giving. Thank you for caring for this property. Thank you for loving this community.
Thank you for the opportunity and blessing I receive being allowed to shepherd this campus of Church of the Open Door. I’m looking forward to seeing the direction in which God leads this community for future generations.
~Jeremy Maclennan, Properties Pastor